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Playing As The Greeks In Rome Total War


By its name, you would think that playing as the Romans is the only thing you can do in this one of a kind PC game, Rome: Total War.

However, there are many other factions you can play as too. This includes the Germans, Gauls, Britons, Macedonians, and the Greeks. This article will discuss how the Greek faction plays out and what the best strategy to win.You start out with maybe three or four cities to play with, which includes the famous Sparta. Starting out will be a little bit faster than other factions, because you will on control a very lucrative trade route around the Mediterranean making you leaps and boundaries of dinarii. Your first objective should be to take over at least two to three close by cities, preferably on the ocean as these will be more lucrative.

Once you do that, fortify your cities with the proper Greek soldiers and armies and focus on getting trade agreements with other cultures. This will not last long before the ever so powerful Brutii fact of the Romans come and try to take over your cities. By this time you should have a good finance base and be able to create many units of Spartans, Greek soldiers, and specialized cavalry. When the Romans come focus on repelling instead of righting back and gaining ground. You can do that on the eastern front.

Playing as the Greeks is also fun because of the troop types you get to control. They have a whole bunch of spear foot soldiers that are very effective against cavalry and foot soldiers alike. Their armor and breast plates is minimal. They have greaves, a nice round white or gold shield, a long spear, and quality Greek helmets . You can zoom down right on the battle field to see in detail the various parts of their armor and battle attire. It's very fun to see them mow down enemy soldiers with their impenetrable wall of spears.


Source by John R Hilde


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