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How to Make an Unusual Stag Party


Everybody knows that, along the wedding, stag night is one of the most important event in men life. So, if your close friend is getting married, do not let him down and arrange really special night for him! Below are provided some ideas for unforgettable stag night …


Original stag night needs to be full of attractions. Striptease and alcohol are fine, but they will not make you all reminding this evening with sentiment for the rest of your lives. So while planning the stag night, first make a research on the Internet, find some sophisticated, crazy and original ideas for this evening. But first consider the interests and temperament of your friend. If he is energetic sport fan do not take him to the museum. In case the bachelor is calm philosopher he will certainly not be pleasant on the dance floor, dancing to the techno rhythms.

Does he like to sing? Arrange the karaoke session for all of you. He plays volleyball or football? Play match together! But not some ordinary match. Nice victory award can be fantastic limo waiting for you next to the playground. Then take him to a luxurious apartment in a hotel and make the bachelor feel like the king: champagne, jacuzzi, Thai massage and awesome dinner. Now, when you all are ready and relaxed it is time for party. Reserve a table in a fancy club or a movie hall in some old cinema and arrange the movie night with your favorite movies session. There are many opportunities …


Nothing can surprise your friend as much as unexpected travel. Arrange everything before: buy air tickets, book hotel, take care of the entertainment .. It takes a lot of work, so if you do not want to organize this event by yourself, you can also take advantage of one of tour operators that offer extraordinary stag nights in many countries in Europe. They ensure also extra activities like: paintball, off-roads, go-karting, bungee jumping and many more.

This short trip can become an amazing adventure for you and your friends. Contemporary offer of event tour operators is very diversified and rich. You can spend the stag night in Krakow, Ibiza, Paris, London, Prague – wherever you wish. And the thrilling emotions and unforgivable experiences are guaranteed. Just remember about respect for the bachelor preferences and likes, and about the good mood of course.


Source by Kamila Kaczmarczyk


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