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Why Are Small Penis Fears on the Rise?


What are the reasons for the increased fear in men that their penises are too small in size?

The original foundation of most penal fears used to be based on what is called Locker Room Syndrome. This is when the male sees other men's penises (for the first time) and starts to see how he measures up to his comrades. If he decides that he is smaller than the rest of the men in the locker room, he then may start to feel he may not measure up in size. This feeling can be accentuated if he is ridiculed or humiliated for his small penis.

Apart from the Locker Room Syndrome, men may have only felt that they were due to the comments of a sexual partner who said that he did not "measure up."

So why the change?

A lot of it has to do with the growing acceptance of pornographic material. In 1970 the US Federal Government did a study and estimated that hard-core pornographic material was a $ 10-Million business in the United States. Compare that to more recent figures, from 2006, that believe the industry was valued at $ 13.3-Billion dollars in the US and $ 97-Billion worldwide.

Pornographic material is on the rise. Most male adult-film stars are above average in penis size, ejaculatory output, and sexual stamina; after all, they make their living by having sex. With the advent of video tapes, DVDs, and the Internet the accessibility to pornography is at its peak. One no longer has to visit a seedy adult cinema in the bad part of the city to view such material. No. It is all over the place and readily available in our homes if we have an Internet connection. Not only are there more and more men seeing other men with above-average sized trousers, but women are, too.

"Adult Emporiums" that cater to this type of material are gaining strength and numbers. For instance, Larry Flynt's "Hustler Hollywood" has ten mainstream stores and is growing. From the West Coast to the Bible Belt to the East Coast. Pornography is everywhere. Such emporiums used to cater predominately to male clientele. This is no longer the case, as women's views on such material have unfolded and they visit these stores, too. In numbers much higher than one would imagine. What was once taboo is now common.

We also have to account for the unfolding of sexual ideals in the late 60s. Where people became more open about sex and having multiple sexual partners. It is rare these days to find a High-School Sweetheart couple that have been married since High School; each of which had only experienced sex with each other as a partner. Those days are long gone. People are more open and experimental about sex so they have access to many more partners and penis sizes.

With all this "adult" material available, especially when the men models tend to have large trousers, is it no wonder that a man of average size might feel inadequate? If one watches / reads this material he will begin to think that a large penis is the norm. And more and more women will, too; at least they will realize that there are many men out there who have extra-large penalties and will be more curious to encounter one. Without this increased availability and acceptance of pornography, it is likely that a lot of people would be ignorant of, or not even concerned about, penis size.

What one needs to do is live their life the way they want to live it. Do not be moved by an industry that is, purposely, "larger" than normal.

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Sincerely, Georg von Neumann


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