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Why a Single Holiday Home in Halkidiki is a Huge Variety of Vacation Options


Halkidiki lies in the northern part of Greece and it is one of the best and most well known vacation resorts in the world. The whole area is highly beautiful and rather unusual in appearance, since it consists of three peninsulas protruding out in the Aegean Sea, the three legs of Halkidiki, each one differing from the other in nature environment and holiday life. The cosmic part of Halkidiki actually consists of two of the three legs, since the eastern peninsula, Mount Athos, is a land site dedicated to god, with lots of monasteries and a really mystical atmosphere. The other two peninsulas though, called Kassandra (the western leg) and Sithonia (the middle leg), provide Halkidiki with a great mixture of sandy beaches, small bays, pine forests, luxurious hotels, beach bars and intense night life around the Gulf of Toronaios. Each side of Kassandra and Sithonia has its own personality.

Kassandra is the busiest part of the Halkidiki prefecture. The western part of Kassandra probably has the best sandy beaches, with crystal blue waters and all-day beach bars so that anyone can loosen up and spend his entire time by the beach, enjoying water sports or resting and soaking up in the sun. The eastern part of Kassandra on the other hand is the most highly-developed part of the prefecture. Iced coffee, cocktail drinks, lots of alcohol, dancing music in bars and night clubs, and young crowds make up the absolute 24/7 party destination.

The western part of Sithonia is an enticing natural combination of sandy beaches and rocky coves, surrounded by shrubs and pine trees. Along the main road of the peninsula, there are many hotels, campsites, as well as studios and apartments complexes that provide the tourists with a wide range of options regarding money and holiday styles. As we move to the eastern part of Sithonia, the landscape changes spectacularly. The rugged volcanic terrain creates breathtaking natural spots with bushy flora, rocks, small islands and little islets floating on turquoise and green waters. This is by far the wildest and less inhabited part of Halkidiki.

Any style, any wallet, any nature, you name it! It’s all there in the multi-style resort of Halkidiki. Gerakini is placed in the hub spot of Halkidiki, located ideally in between Kassandra and Sithonia, and proffers locals and seasonal tourists the chance to take full advantage of all the places and activities Halkidiki has to offer. Owning and living at a luxury holiday home in strategic position in Halkidiki is a dream for most people, and the time is perfect for everyone to search for the best deals in this highly concessive area.

Hurry up and get your own vacation base in one of the luxury holiday homes for sale in Halkidiki. The variety of nature and activities will ensure that you will enjoy the most exciting vacations for the rest of your life.


Source by Alexandros Holidis


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