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Turkey – A Tourist Hotspot


Turkey is one of the most favorite destinations in the world. It is the only country in the world that presents the exoticism of Asia and the modern culture of Europe. You can visit Turkey for a variety of reasons, including Ottoman sites, scenic landscapes, oriental bazaars, art and museums, heritage sites, beautiful beaches, and exploration of ancient and modern cities.

Some of the most popular things to explore and enjoy in Turkey are listed below:

  • Turkish operas and concerts: You can get a taste of Turkish culture through its various operas and concerts. They present a dazzling amalgamation of music and dance that will scintillate your senses and capture your soul.
  • Turkish films: Turkey has captured the world market through its soft media exports, such as television serials and films. While in Turkey, you can watch world-class cinema of the country to appreciate its culture. Turkish films have won several awards from all over the world for their path-breaking cinema.
  • Turkey museums: While on a vacation to Turkey, you must definitely explore its various museums. The country has some of the world's best museums exhibiting various artifacts from different regions of the Ottoman Empire and relics of the Greek-Roman period. Popular museums include ethnographic museums and Anatolian civilization museum.
  • Cave houses: You can visit the world-famous cave dwellings in Goreme area of ​​Turkey. These cave dwellings were created by some Christian monks several centuries and are resilient and habitable even today. A unique and distinctive aspect of these cave houses is that people still live in them.
  • Roman ruins: In Turkey, you can visit the famous ruins of the Roman Empire. The most famous ruins are in the ancient city of Adora.
  • Greek ruins: You can also go sightseeing for Greek ruins. For example, you can visit the legendary Troy city in the western part of Turkey.
  • Mosques: Islam is the official religion in Turkey. The country has some of the world's most beautiful and impressive masks, including the world-famous Blue mosque and Suleymaniye mosque. You can explore them for the famous Byzantine designs.
  • Nature trips: If you are into nature and beautiful landscapes, then you can explore various regions of the country, including Lake Van and Mount Ararat. You can view the most amazing scenes of Mother Nature in these places and collectively relax.
  • Shopping: Turkey is a shopper's paradise. The grand bazaar in Istanbul has about 5,000 shops where you can buy a variety of items, from food to apparel, books to jewelry, and spices to carpets. You will be astounded by the amazing variety of items in the bazaar. You can bargain to your heart's content to get these items in cheap prices.
  • Gourmet delight: Many people especially visit Turkey for its food. Turkey cuisine is popular for its imaginative use of herbs and spices. You can sample various dishes who aroma and taste will be a total feast. Anchovies are one of the most popular food items being eaten by tourists.
  • Sports: Turkey has a huge coastline where you can enjoy various water-based activities and sports, including swimming, water rafting, boating, and underwater diving. In addition to water-based activities, you can go for hot air ballooning in several places like Cappadocia. Then, you can also opt for different biking and hiking trails. Turkey also offers golfing areas at various points of the county. You can visit Gloria, Noblis, and Klassis gold resorts. You can also indulge in various winter activities such as mountain climbing in places like Ararat, Rize Kacker, and Kayseri.
  • Ancient heritage sites: Turkey has been the focal point of the world before the medieval period. You can tour various historical cities such as Ephesus, Lydia, Pergamum, Antioch, Sardis, and Troy.

Whatever your age or income, Turkey has something to offer to everyone. You can plan and customize your tour to suit your schedule and budget and then set out on one of the most amazing journeys that you will ever have.


Source by Sumit Kiki Arora


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