Saturday, September 23, 2023

The World Dubai


The World Dubai is a group of man-made islands forming the shape of the world, located 4kms off the coast of Dubai. The World is formed of approximately 250 separate islands named after countries and cities with each continent represented.

The master-developer Nakheel has completed the infrastructure and has handed over the land plots to individual developers. When complete, The World will have boutique resorts, hotels, luxury apartments as well as endless entertainment and shopping facilities, and a flourishing marine habitat. The first developments are expected for completion towards the end of 2010, although construction may slightly delayed due to the present economic downturn.

The World can only be reached by helicopter, boat and water-taxis, and there are 4 central travel hubs on the islands which will enable residents and visitors to move around efficiently to-and-from Dubai and between islands.

The development is the world's most ambitious real estate project and has attracted much attention from the rich and famous. Pamela Anderson, Michael Shumacher, Brad Piit among others are reported to have purchased the islands islands of Greece, Antarctica and Ethiopia respectably, while leading companies worldwide will be developing hotels for what will be a truly unique tourist destination.

Several planned island developments include The Island of Ireland (Ireland), Coral Islands (North America), Lynncoln Resort (Huainan – China), Oqyana (Australia / New Zealand) which should have the best views of Dubai being the closest islands to the coast .

The World is 9km wide and 7kms long covering a total area of ​​931 hectares. The World will add 232 kms of beachfront to Dubai's existing 67 kms.


Source by John Whisker


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