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The Story Of Skull With Horns Tattoos


If you are considering getting a skull with horns tattoo, you should be aware of what sort of statement you will be making with it.

It can cause a lot of different responses from people. Some people, especially teenage boys, choose to get a skull with horns tattoo to present a sort of “bad boy” attitude. They think that girls love dangerous men more than the boy next door. They want to get a skull with horns tattoo because they feel that it will make them appear to be more macho. They think it will add an aura of mystery and danger, which girls will find attractive.

Some people feel that a skull and horns tattoo represents death, danger, destruction and fear. It is a design, which people get, to show power, strength and daringness. However, many of those people do not really understand its origins.

Originally, the skull with horns tattoo was actually not meant to indicate any of those things. In ancient times, a skull with horns actually was a symbol of any sort of major change. It was not meant to represent death or fear directly. However, it may have taken on the representation of death due to the fact that the cycle of life and death is a major change. In fact, it is the biggest change any human being can experience.

This tattoo is known for being somewhat demonic in nature. It is important, if you are going to get such a tattoo design, that you understand the true symbolism behind it. According to the ancient Greek mythological lore, “daimon” means “to express a divine power”. It wasn’t until the introduction of such religions as Islam, Judaism and Christianity that skulls with horns became known as demonic symbols. Such symbols became associated with the devil. In fact, it was said that the devil could cause madness or sickness within a person’s body by taking it over.

You should consider all of these things, if you want to get one. It isn’t just about looking cool or attractive. Skull with horns tattoo designs have a lot of history, meaning and symbolism behind them. As with any tattoo, you should do your research before you jump into things with both feet. Be absolutely sure that the skull with horns tattoo is the right tattoo for you and, if it is, enjoy it for years to come!


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