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The Most Dangerous Places in Europe


The last summer brought an exhausting sequence of opponents through the Europe. The forest fires damaged at least a half of Europe, even the resort places popular among tourists. What the fire did not manage to destroy was added by the floods.

The reason of the fires was extremely hot weather. In Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania the air temperature reached the level of + 45C; more than 650 thousand people passed away because of acute conditions and cardiac arrests as well as because of direct sunstrokes. There were about 19 thousand people hospitalized in Romania.

In Slovakia the heat was the reason of snake invasion, in Spain- mice invasion, which has consumed the vegetable crop seeds in Castilla y Leon and have reached the border of the famous wine making province Rioja.

Such a burning weather became the reason of numerous fires. On the 7th of august only there were registered 236 large-scale ignitions, mostly in southern regions. In Lazio and Toscana the forests still burn; before the tourists used to walk there. In the middle of June the fires in the resort areas of Apulia, Campania, Calabria and Abruzzi were the reason for an urgent evacuation of approximately 4 thousand people. At Sardinia and Sicilia have been evacuated at least a few campsites and hotels.

During the July- August there were registered almost 2 thousand fires. For the most part it was the North area of ​​the country and the Peloponnese peninsula which suffered. The fire almost got to the Affine; it caused the evacuation of a child-camp, 5 villages and 2 monasteries. At the same moment due to the heat Greece suffered from electricity interference which almost led to energy crisis.

Till this very moment the South of France is on fire. The intense smoke generation even interferes with the traffic. The city of Verdon was also captured in the fire circle.

While one part of Europe was being burnt by the sun, the other part was being flooded by rains. At the end of June the heavy-showers went straight through England having destroyed most of communication cubs. In the shire of Glotershire more than 400 people were left without electricity. The flood had also affected the sewerage activity. The most frightening thing is that the foot-and-mouth disease began to spread all over Great Britain. What will be the consequences for the country's economics- is difficult to predict.

Last week the rains had penetrated Germany as well. On 11th of august only had fallen the monthly norm of precipitations. The lands of Baden-Wurttemberg, Shelving-Goldstein, North Rein- Westville and Thuringia and Berlin were submerged. The Berlin airport Tegel had interrupted its work; the Autobahn A-5 was flooded. In a series of places some of the trailers were transported away. People are evacuated from the seaside villages and campsites. On the local authorities' reports in some areas the water level is waist-high. On the Rein water crafts and the ferry activity is stopped; the traffic is also jammed along the river in the famous valley of castles. The culminating evening of the fireworks festival is doubtful; this year it was supposed to be held on the Middle Rein near the city of Koblenz.

In Switzerland the floods have enveloped Zurich, Basel, Sankt-Galen and the central part of the country. The inmates evacuate from the villages and the tourists are being rescued from the campsites. The rivers have overflown the banks; the authorities are opening the locks and dams, inundating the fields in order to save the built-up area. The flood damage is now more than 80 million dollars.

At the South of Spain the tourists had to be urgently evacuated from the campsite, they were nearly washed out with the water bursting from sky. In Barcelona the activity of the local trains was interrupted, particularly at the line which connects Barcelona with the international airport "Pratt".

The world has gone crazy. In Toscana the fires and heat is converted into strong rains and wind followed by coarse hail. In Florence was damaged the roof of the Uffizi gallery. At the same period of time in Milan some districts were left without electricity. The water in the city rose up to 1 meter and the traffic was paralyzed.

In Piedmont in Alps the snow fell, the temperature in the province of Cuneo was sometimes below zero and in Turin after 20C fell till 12-13C. The wind was so strong that it was teasing away the house roofs and uprooting the trees. The great snowfall blocked the motorway 2727 which connects Italy and Switzerland.

At the North of France the fields are inundated, in some parts the highways were cut off. At the East of France is the Danger of the Rein's rise- the local authorities have declared 3 departments to be of a high danger.
After several weeks of heat in Romania for a couple of days the rain just would not stop. One person is perished, several are considered missing. In the resort city Constanta over 400 houses are inundated. The streets have turned into full-flowing rivers, the traffic is stopped. Thousands of people are left without electricity. In village areas almost all the important roads are washed out, the bridges are destroyed.

On the 13th of august Bucharest was stuck by a huge hurricane- one person dead, 10 wounded, the lifesavers had to help people out of the ruins of houses. The traffic is stopped at the most significant highways, several dozen of automobiles are damaged. The rain shower had partly inundated underground auto tunnels.

In the North of Bulgaria because of the floods 5 people died and 5 are considered missing. The rain showers were the reason for electricity interruption, damages of houses and highways.

A strong rain shower caused floods at the North of Greece, a part of houses is heated a little, and the main problems appeared in the suburbs of Salonika and Alexandropoulos.

Appellently ecologists have good reasons to forebode the bride future for the present colder resorts. When during summer all over Europe the heat will reach the level of 40-50C, in northern countries the temperature will "only" raise till 30C and all the tourists will rush there.


Source by Iuri Tarabanov


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