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The Legends Of The Soul Mate And The Search To Find Your Own


In Greek Mythology it is said that originally, four arms and four legs belonged to humans, along with two faces on their one head. The greatest of all the God’s, Zeus, was afraid of their strength and abilities, so he divided each of them, creating one pair of legs, one pair of arms and one face on each body, leaving them to spend the rest of their lives searching for their other half, their Soul Mate.

Theosophy teaches that perhaps God originally created humans who were each, both male and female, but while on earth left to their own devices, apart from God, they eventually separated into two, hence creating the male and female bodies. Throughout many rebirths, each half is left searching for the half that was lost.

In a chapel of Prigny there is a statue of a phallic saint named Saint Guignole. Phallic saints are those who are said to help with fertility. Young girls and women will stick needles and pins in the feet of this statue in hopes that it will help them find their soul-mates.

There are many movies that depict the tragic tales of lost lovers trying to find their way back to each other. Two people destined for one another and the adversities they face while on their journey to reunite and become one.

Quite a few movies have been made about angels and people who are soul-mates, being separated and have to overcome many obstacles in order to find their way back to each other. Whether they already knew their mate personally or just have a feeling this other being is out there waiting to be found, the idea is still the same, to be reunited with someone who completes your soul and your self.

Many of these stories tell of love that was thought to be found, perfect unions of the souls, only to be realized later that this perfect love had been mistaken, and the souls were not truly meant to be together after all.

The idea of finding perfect love, your perfect someone who completes your life and helps to make you feel more whole, has been around for thousands of years. It is a quest that many people spend their whole lives pursuing. Some believe that there is only one perfect someone for each person on earth, only one other soul meant to meld with their own. Others believe that there is no such thing as predestined love, and the chance encounters they have in finding someone who is completely compatible with their own inner selves is not something of fate, but rather a question of pure luck. Either way, if and when you find this person you will know. The bond that will be formed is that of undeniable friendship and trust. There will be arguments, but it will be known by you both, that no matter what adversities you may face, the connection and love that you share will never, and can never be lost.

Whether this person is your best friend, someone you have no intention of becoming romantically involved with, or this person is someone you do wish to have a romantic relationship with, finding another person who shares the ability to love unconditionally, against any unfavorable odds that may be placed upon the road and never leaves your side, is what the quest for finding a this love encompasses. Becoming one being, in separate bodies, leading separate lives, but still bound together by something that is stronger than your individual souls on their own, is what it’s all about.

Whether you want to call it chance, or fate, not everyone experiences finding their Soul Mate, but if you haven’t already found it, it is out there. You can glimpse it in the couple who have been married fifty years and still act as if they’ve just taken their vows the day before, smiling, laughing, holding each other as if the decades of hardships they may have faced or may still be facing don’t exist at all. It’s a rare love to find, but that by itself can be considered proof that it’s much more than just a myth.


Source by Christopher Wilkins


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