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The History Of World Movie


The history of world movie goes back quite early, to around the later part of 1800. It is now more than hundred years since the movies have paved the golden path of success. Movies have developed through these long years of experiments and innovations. Technology has contributed vastly towards the development of the world cinema. From the time it started its glorious journey till this date world movies have captured millions and millions of heart all over the world with its magic. The charm of cinema has practically cast a spell on the audience world over.

A brief history

The journey of world movie began with the silent era. Silent era implies that the films were made without using any sound or dialogues, as the technology of sound in cinema was not developed at that nascent stage. There were no devices to synchronize sound with the image, thus for the first thirty years of its birth the cinema remained silent until the development of sound technology in the late 1920s.

The first ten years of the world movie was more or less unorganized, but gradually it started to become an established industry by itself. The films represented a switch over from films consisting of one shot, totally made by one person with a handful of assistants, to movies which are several minutes long, consisting of several scenes, which were made by large companies in professional methods.

The most successful film company in the United States which had the largest production unit until 1900, was the American Mutoscope company. This company used to project peep show kind of movies. This kind of projection was done with the help of a machine called Mutoscope. During that time there were numerous other small time movie producers in the United States of America but some of them established a longer presence in the field of cinema making at the advent of the century.

France was not far behind US in the field of movie making. Lumiere was the one of the first companies to shoot movie scenes outside the studio. They also sent their cameramen allover the world to shoot films. Georges Meilies was the biggest producer of feature films in France. He started using various effects such as trick effects from as early as 1898. Later on many other film makers went on to use other new effects which became very successful.

The first movie cameras which were used to film shots, were tied or fixed on the tripod with the most basic kind of levelling devices provided. The earliest movie cameras were effectively fixed during the period of a film shot. But the first camera movements were made by mounting a camera on a moving vehicle.

The standard pattern for early film studio was adapted from the style of studio which Georges Meilies built in May of 1897 which had three glass walls and a glass roof. It was fitted with thin cotton cloths stretched under the glass roof to diffuse the direct rays of the sun. The history of world cinema underwent a long process of creation, research and application of new techniques. Innumerable methods have been tried and applied to make film making one of the greatest and finest of performing arts in the world.


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