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The High Cost of Living in New York


Visiting and staying in New York is a dream for many people around the world. An exciting and interesting place but quite expensive too. Statue of liberty, ethnic groups, cultural diversity due to different people from around the world settling here and various retail outlets from top brands to restaurants that serve global cuisines make New York an exceptionally vibrant place.

However, hotels in New York have a price tag that can scare many away. New York serviced apartments have come up in a big way and have managed to capture the market because of the sole reason that they are almost like your home with the same comfort but the appalling price tag is not there.

New York has both business travelers as well as tourists who come here to see one of the most renovated destinations in the world. People are increasingly opting for New York serviced apartments. These are beautifully decorated, clean, peaceful places to stay with almost all the facilities that a home provides. In fact, people can cook their own meals too if not very enthusiastic to spend on eating out.

However, occasionalally if you want to treat your taste buds then New York is a heaven. Arthur Avenue in the Belmont community in the borough's central section has numerous Italian restaurants and specialty markets. That is why it is also called the Little Italy of the Bronx. Chinatown in Manhattan is home to the Chinese community in the western part. Therefore, has a lot to offer to tourists like silk, herbal medicine, authentic Chinese food, et al. If one visits this place around Chinese New Year, then parade of colorful dragons will make you feel the happiness around. Temporary Housing in New York can be chosen as per your convenience and comfort as they are spread around New York. One can take the help of trusted online sites to confirm the Temporary Housing in New York that are genuine and verified. This can be done before embarking on your journey.

Harlem in Manhattan is another hip place in New York that can entertain travelers with its diverse restaurants and trendy boutiques and at the same time manage to touch your soul. The place celebrates Harlem's musical heritage. It has the El Museo del Barrio which is New York's only museum dedicated to Latino culture. Then there are rows of trendy shops if one is contemplating to shop and have some fun. Koreatown in Manhattan is normally buzzing with karaoke clubs and Korean restaurants. Many well known club restaurants can be found if one travels to the southern coast of Brooklyn which can help the tourists to relax and the business travelers to unwind after a long day. Russian community can be found here. If one is looking for a Greek restaurant then do not miss the bustling Queens neighborhood. All these places in New York have well-designed and striking furnished apartments which can help you to quietly quiet after the hectic meetings or a thrilling city tour.


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