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Styles Or Types of Bikinis


There are also so many colors and styles to choose from that women get easily confused as to what they would look best in. Beach lovers who wanted to give their body obscene look, bikini is the perfect solution for them. Designers put forward their best to cater all needs of venturesome swimmers. The following details will definitely help all the bikini lovers to choose perfect and most appropriate beachwear for them.

Classic Bikini

One of the most vintage bikini in today’s world is “String bikini”. It basically consists small pieces of fabric and strings. Top of them comprises two pieces of string with one at each end and bottom comprises two small fabric attached at the groin triangles connected to strings which run around the waistline.

Modest Bikini

1. Sling bikini – It is also regarded as slingshot. Sling bikini, more or less is only a bottom bikini in which straps and strings go upwards and join near the neck. While designing this bikini, strings don’t dangle around the neck and cover breasts area too.

2. Microkini – This is especially designed for nudity lovers. It consists only a piece of cloth used to cover genitals and further attached to an extended strip hanged around the waistline.


1. Monokini – This variation of bikini is topless consisting only bottom part mostly preferred by beach lovers while sunbathing. But some darers try it often in swimming pools.

2. Pubkini – Also regarded as extreme form of microkini, it consists least use of fabric mostly used by dancers and adult cinema actresse.

For more than sixty years ago, bikini delivered an entirely unique orientation and appeal to the fashion industry.


Source by Shweta Srivastava


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