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Spokane Ski Resorts: Great Place to Relax


Winter time is here, the perfect time to enjoy the best Spokane ski resorts. There are a lot of winter activities which brings out enjoyment to every person during this winter season, and skiing ranks number one as the all time favorite winter activity.

A ski resort is a ski area furnished with facilities to make it as a destination resort. Some ski resorts offer lodging services allowing guest to stay overnight. Ski resorts often have other activities, such as:

  • snowmobiling, sledding, skiing
  • horse-drawn sleds, dog-sledding, ice-skating;
  • indoor or outdoor swimming, and hot-tubbing;
  • game rooms, and
  • local forms of entertainment, such as clubs, cinema and theaters

There is nothing more popular than skiing in any of the many Spokane ski resorts, both downhill and cross-country. Within 33 miles of Spokane, you can find two ski resorts; Mt. Spokane and 49 Degrees North.

  • Mt. Spokane is a mountain located northeast of Washington which is an excellent place for skiers. This is one of the many Spokane ski resort that is the closest to the city at 21 miles. It is a place for all level of skiers to enjoy. Mt. Spokane offers 5 lifts, 44 runs for downhill skiing, and also night skiing. There are 17 miles of groomed cross-country ski trails. Mount Spokane's opening Day is scheduled on December 4th.
  • 49 Degrees North is located 60 minutes north of Spokane near Chewelah, Washington, in the Selkirk Mountains. 49 Degrees North offers 5 lifts, 25 runs for downhill day and also include night skiing and many miles of groomed trails for cross country skiing. The area is Open from Fridays to Tuesdays and closed during Wednesdays and Thursdays.

There are also a lot of Spokane ski resorts that you can add up to your list and pay a visit this winter season. Here are some:

  • Schweitzer Mountain Resort is located near Standpoint, Idaho equipped with full accommodation and most ski acres. It offers ski and snowboarding lessons and special instruction for children. Schweitzer Mountain Resort continues a unique new lodging program this winter season. And also offers a wide range of fine dining that you can find exactly what you are craving. Lifts are scheduled to operate from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
  • Silver Mountain is in the Silver Valley suitably located in Kellogg, Idaho. At Silver Mountain the family fun never ends. Your home away from home is open daily for non-stop surfing and splashing with your stay at one of their lodges.
  • Lookout Pass and recreation area is located 2 hours east of Spokane on Interstate 90 at Idaho or Montana border. The ski area is famous for its free ski schools for kids. It also offers a friendly atmosphere and inexpensive winter activities for all guests. Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area is opening its mountain side today.

This winter season is a great time to relax, have a break, exercise and spend time in nature. And enjoy skiing at Spokane ski resorts this winter season!


Source by Hector Quiroga, JD


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