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Skopelos – A Greek Slice of Paradise


Some seasoned travelers and travel authorities describe Skopelos as the perfect Greek Island. This strong statement may up for debt, but if there is anything close to perfection, Skopelos is certainly in the running.

Located in Greece's Northern Sporades region, Skopelos is one of the twin islands that have gained world fame for being the choice filming location for the hit movie Mamma Mia. The movie perfectly highlights all the things that make Skopelos a certified slice of paradise. The long sandy beaches, the captivating rock promontories soaring above the turquoise waters and the luscious landscapes are just some of the things that the Greek Island offers. On top of these dazzling trails, Skopelos is also home to very lovely villas complete with distinctly-designed homes and chapels.

Skopelos has two absolutely charming towns, the Skopelos Town and Glossa, which sits in the far north-west of the island. If you want to experience both places, try to find lodging that is located between them. Skopelos Town has enough tourist-oriented establishments like restaurants with wireless internet connections and hotels, but still manages to keep its small village charm. Glossa is characterized by its whitewashed houses nestled on steep slopes. Walk to the town square, which houses a café and a church and offers some of the best views of the island.

And speaking of walking, do not miss the chance of hiking around Skopelos. After all, it is regarded as the greenest island in the Aegean region of Greece. The island may not have museums and ruins to explore but what it does have are wonderful monasteries scattered all around the Island. If you head out to the top of Mount Palouki, you will find several of them. Some of the usual features of a monastery include having suntrap courtyards and chapels with altar linen and birds in cages. The only monastery visible from town is the early 18th century Evangelismos.

Beaches are the main crowd pleasers for any Greek Island. And out of all the stretches and hidden coves in Skopelos, Panormos still manages to stand out due to its white sand and calm waters. This beach has some of the basic amenities and is a well-protected bay area, making it ideal for swimming. Panormos sits in a secluded spot, about 12 kilometers from the main town. Fortunately, there is a nearby village that is equipped with tourist facilities such as cafés, restaurants and lodgings.

If you are looking for the closest beach to Skopelos Town, it is Glysteri. To get this beach, you will need to head out north of town and go across a spotted valley resplendent with olive trees. But despite the most popular beach on the island is Kastani. This beach has earned its fame for being one of the main locations for the Mamma Mia movie; and once you visited the spot you will understand why.

The popularity of Kastani is also the main reason this beach can get overcrowded. A number of beaches on Skopelos are large composed of pebble and shingle; but they remain scenic because they are usually surrounded by rocky lush hills. They are also often quiet and serene. Some beaches up the coast like Ftelia, Neraki and Hovolo are inaccessible to cars and can only be reached by boat.


Source by Nagib Georges Araman


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