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Pioneer PDP-LX5090 KURO Plasma TV


Pioneer's range of KURO plasma TVs have earned a reputation of quality and have been a popular choice for those looking for a little more in a HD TV. Pioneer's 9th generation of plasma televisions are only available in sizes of 50 "and above. All of these feature a full HD 1920×1080 native resolution.

The PDP-LX5090 has proved to be one of the more popular models and sales have been raging through the first half of 2009.

On the outside the PDP-LX5090 has a glossy black bezel which is simple and free from clutter. The TV us smaller than the previous 8th generation model and is almost 5kg lighter. Connection wise there are 3 HDMI ports on the rear of the set, there is also a VGA, 3 SCART, component and audio inputs. There is also a USB port on the side of the set which allows you to view JPEG photographs on the large 50 "screen.

There is an integrated digital and analogue tuner inside the LX5090 allowing you to received the latest freeview channels.

The picture quality from the Pioneer PDP-LX5090 is superb. The black level this TV is capable of will blow you away and many reviews have claimed they are among the best they have ever seen. There are a number of features and technology lurking inside which help create such a good pictrure. Some of these include I-CLEAR Drive, Dynamic HD Converter, Active Dynamic Range Expander and a series of noise reduction options among others.

For people who like to wring every last drop of quality from their TV there are a staggering number of picture settings just waiting to be tweaked and adjusted. Once you are happy with your settings you can save them against each individual input allowing you to have a different set of settings for different sources.

Plasma televisions have always managed to offer a level of black reproduction not usually attainable by LCD TVs. This is due to the fact the LCD televisions need to use a backlight to project the picture into the room and when rendering very dark scenes they can suffer from washed out looking colors. Plasma does not suffer from this and the level of black of on offer from the PDP-LX5090 are amazing.

Using the PDP-LX5090 is easy enough. The menus are laid out simply with ease access to the most common functions. One feature that may catch your eye is the side-by-side split picture option where you can have two evenly sized images on screen at once or have on picture display inside the other with the picture-in-picture mode.

The Pioneer PDP-PX5090 has a Pure Cinema settings which is optimized for cinema-speed 24f / s content which is also known as 24p. There are also preset picture settings for playing games where the settings are optimized for the latest games consoles such as Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

All in all the PDP-LX5090 is an amazing TV offering a stunning picture quality with an advanced feature set at a price that will not break the bank when compared to similar sized LCD televisions.

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