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Patrick Swayze in Memoriam With 5 HD Films


The late Patrick Swayze had a magnetism that was rarely matched among the actors of his generation. His performance in Dirty Dancing inspired teenage crushes around the world, while later films like Point Break and Donnie Darko continued to utilize his shaman like presence. If you were ever a fan of the late, great actor, do yourself a favor and review these five HD films on satellite TV which summarize his career in a nutshell.

1. Road House. Classic film fans may remember a film of the same name starring Richard Widmark and this picture is a loose remake of that one. Since Swayze is basically out to crunch bones and avoid the trappings of a local power magnate, this version is much sleazier and much more fun. It's more or less a brawl a minute as Swayze inadvably courts the young daughter of the privileged town boss (Ben Gazzarra). Watch this film in high definition and have a blast.

2. Ghost. People tend to forget that Swayze was far more than a tough guy or a hip-swaying salsero. With this picture, he was the leading man du jour, starring opponent Demi Moore and taking one of the biggest bars of the year. The mystical quality in Swayze gets exploited in the best possible way, as he is literally a ghost after being killed early on in the picture. Check out the famous scene of Moore molding clay.

3. Dirty Dancing. For many people, Swayze's career begins and ends with this picture. A respectable New York family goes on vacation in the mountains every summer, but as the kids start to get older, they find it more difficult to be Daddy's Little Girl. Take Jennifer Gray, for example, who can not help but become addicted to the sexy style of dance being practiced by the kids from the wrong side of the tracks who give the lessons. Watch the sparks fly in this HD classic playing on local satellite networks.

4. Point Break. If you had a team of bank robbers who were trying to lead a new style of life in Southern California, who would be the guru? When this Keanu Reeves pictures was getting off the ground, it was obvious that the actor had to be Patrick Swayze. Beside robbing local banks, they also happen to practice extreme sports, most notably surfing and skydiving. The final scene actually transcends the cheesiness of parts of the movie and packs a real wallop. Check your program guide for showtimes.

5. Donnie Darko. Of course this film would be the one which took Swayze's rep as an edgy guru and turn it on its head. Swayze is definitely a man who has the ears and hearts of his listeners, but it turns out that he is also a phony, a scumbag and a bona fide criminal. It does not matter much, as he still exudes that trademark confidence which can move mountains. Obviously, his legend is far from dying out.


Source by John R. Harrison


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