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The diversity in various aspects like art, science, music, language, food and fashion etc. speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of France. The culture of France is thousands of years old and dates back to the time when the country was formed. The country of France has varied background as it was home to many different ethnic groups like the Romans, Asians, Celts, North Americans, Africans, Germans and the recent immigrants. These diverse origins contribute to the formation of a cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic France culture.

French people are famous world over for their great sophistication, style, class, fashion and looks. Being the world's chief cultural center, France contributes largely to the fashion culture around the world. Paris, the capital of France has been the cultural hub for many centuries. There are also many tourist attractions in France that lure people from all across the globe to this wonderful country.

The culture of France as it is today has taken shape by its geographic origins, by the diverse events of the past and also by the internal and foreign groups and forces. The country of France and in particular its capital, Paris has played a vital role as a center of decorative arts, high culture, fashion, cinema, modern art and food. The importance of France culture has declined and mounted over the years, depending on its political and economic circumstances.

Culture in any region is actually the values ​​and beliefs of people learned through different process of socialization and also the material artifacts. It is the culture only that guides and directs the social interactions of people who are the members of a particular community or group. Cultures influence the beliefs of people and also the values ​​that shape the perception of people about their surroundings.

There are many tourist attractions in France that attract millions of tourists every year from all across the globe. The endless choices of tourist attractions in France make the visitors spellbound and awestruck. Each region in France has something different to offer to the tourists coming from different geographical areas.

French religion is basically Roman Catholic. Being secular in nature, French people always separate religion from politics. They keep religion as a private affair. France guarantees freedom of religion to all its citizens as a constitutional right. Also, the government respects the practice of this right. After Catholicism, Islam is the second largest religion in the country today.

In the recent times, in order to combat the loss due to regional diversity in France, many people are now promoting the forms of multiculturalism. Also cultural enclaves are encouraged, that include reforms for the preservation o various regional languages ​​and also the decentralization of some of the governance functions.

People of France are basically private people; they have different rules of behavior for the people within their social circle and for people outside it. Although these people are polite in all their dealings, but they behaving freely only in front of their family and friends.


Source by Kundansingh Khati


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