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Luxurious and Cheap Hong Kong Hotels


Hong Kong, a dependent territory of the United Kingdom, transferred its sovereignty to People's Republic of China. It begins as a trading port, but emerged as a financial center where service industries are the main basis of capitalist economy. Hong Kong has a multi-cultural identity that is influenced by both eastern and western cultures and is reflected in its cinema, music and cuisines. It is generally described as a place where east meets west. Western rule ended in 1997, but it has been deeply ingrained in Hong Kong and exists together with traditional practices and philosophies of the Chinese.

Hong Kong is one of the famous tourist destinations. Millions of tourists visit the place every year. The main tourists' spots include few new territories, the Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon peninsula and 260 other islands. Hong Kong joins business visitors for it one of the largest business destinations in Asia. There are many Hong Kong hotels ranging from cheap hotels to star hotels, which serve their clients with various facilities and amenities. Few fantastic hotels are located around Tsimshatsui, Causeway Bay, Wanchai, Admiralty and Central.

There are many top class Hong Kong hotels. One of them is Macau hotels that are located off the southern coast of china, which is 70 km from Hong Kong. Macau's history perfectly goes with the meaning of its name, which means 'Door' or 'Gateway'. It played an important role in acting as a gateway between east and west and encouraged development by bringing business license to western casino financer. Macau's food, music and architecture are all about the mixture of culture of east and west. Some main tourist attractions around the place are Cosa Garden, Old Protestant Cemetery and A-Ma temple. The area is well known for its blended culture. There are lots of recreational and entertaining activities such as electronica, enthralled night life, classical music, and Chinese folk pop.

Hong Kong is a major tourist destination, so it caters to people of all sort of budget. There are many 1 to 3 star hotels that offer several different types of discounts and make it easy for people to adjust the vacation in their budget. These cheap hotels in Hong Kong satisfy the need of travelers to stay in the cheap and clean place. The rooms are well furnished with modern architecture and in room facilities. Many of the Hong Kong hotels cater for those who visit the hotel, restaurant, bars, pool, minibar, in the rooms, spa, fitness facilities etc … These hotels on budget are best for the people who focus on their budget before traveling as they serve their visitors at an affordable price.


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