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Kalamaki – The Largest Marina for Yacht Charter in Greece


Kalamaki may not figure on many travel agents 'brochures, but it does figure in the hearts and minds of many sailors and yacht charter enthusiasts because it's the largest marina in Greece, conveniently located in one of Athens' suburbs which give it that extra bit of appeal, making it very accessible.

Kalamaki si located southeast of the city harbor and is basically a suburb of Athens, famous mostly for the Alimos marina which is the central point and the most visited by tourists. Since it was built, the locals had had to relinquish their territory every summer to the bands of tourist who come here in search of fun.

The great yacht charter vacation potential is increased when you take into consideration the fact that here you'll find over 1000 berths for mooring, so it's kind of hard to find this place fully booked, even in the crowded months of summer. After this, the Kalamaki is not built on what is generally considered to be tourist territory but rather on local turf, which is also why you will not find many tourist amenities in the region.

If you're willing to trade looks and some creature comforts then you'll be glad to hear that transfer times from the Athens International airport which is the largest transport hub in the country with connections to numerous cities across the Globe, is always under one hour.

The overall scenery of the region is made up of tall apartment buildings that are divided by a maze of narrow, meandering streets where a tourist could get easily lost. In spite of all this, this is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the real Greek lifestyle because you will not get to experience this in the center of town near the more famous landmarks.

Another bonus is that the local shopping is cheaper than in the central urban area, but then again you'll find that this is not the high style, or the fashion neighborhood of Athens. Most of the shops are small, family-run places that can supply your basic needs.

The hungry masses of tourists that come here to rent yachts in Greece are fed by a couple of small and inexpensive eateries, most of them bars. However, in later years, it sees more and more restaurants are popping up, probably as a response to the increasing number of sailing visitors that come to the marina each year. The best idea of ​​avoiding a tourist trap is to follow the locals because that's where the best food and the best deal is. If you're looking for a gourmet dinner, you'll have to head on to the Plaka region which happens to be one of the city's hot spots when it comes to food.

Also nearby the marina you'll be finding some after dark spots that will cater to your entertainment needs. This only applies for a friendly drink, because for a wilder and louder experience, you have to catch a cab to the old part of town where most of the clubs, bars and pubs are located and where the summer crowds mingle with the locals creating a fun atmosphere. In fact, for those that like to go to sleep early, the neighboring bars that play loud music through the night might pose a problem.


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