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How to Sell a Reality Show to Hollywood


If you've ever thought that you could come up with a great idea for a television reality show and think that you could never make this happen because you did not have any show business connections or did not know how to write a script, you were mistaken.

I have been writing screenplays for about 12 years. And, I will be blunt. It is not easy to write a great screenplay. It is a complicated and exacting process that takes years for even a natural to master. I am proud to say that after all of this effort I ever admitted a real Hollywood agent and am a produced screenwriter.

But, the great news is that there is another way that you can break into show business without having to do put in that kind of time and effort. You can become a producer. Now, I'm not talking about the kind of producer that borrows money from relatives and strangers and makes a small independent movie (although this is a possible way to break into Hollywood but requires risking a lot of someone's capital.).

I'm talking about being a creating producer … a person that creates a great idea and then either sells it or partners with an already established entity in Hollywood that can make the project. You can do this by creating an idea for a reality television show.

The basics of creating a reality show are:

1. Create an idea for the show …. a bunch of comics compete each week to see who the best comic is.

2. Invent a format for the show …. the comics will live together and will first face a comic challenge, like facing down hecklers and then they will each secretly vote on who they'd like to challenge. The three comics with the most challenges must perform where an audience who will choose a loser that is booted off the show each week.

3. Put together some simple written material that coincidently presents this idea.

4. Obtain a list of industry entities that are looking for ideas for reality shows.

5. Submit your idea to them.


Source by Paul Lawrence


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