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How to Get Galaxy Cinemas Discount Movie Tickets


Are you a movie buff? Can’t wait for a blockbuster to come out on DVD? Are you bent on having the movie theater experience every time a great flick comes out? Let’s face it. Watching movies in the cinema can get pretty expensive. Where and how to get your money’s worth? With Galaxy Cinemas Discount Movie Tickets, you can watch to your heart’s content without spending a fortune.

How to get discount tickets at Galaxy? Your best bet will be through the Cineplex Gift Cards. Don’t think that gift cards are good only as presents for family members and friends. You see, if you buy a card for yourself, you can get big discounts on movie tickets as well! Plus, by buying a lot of tickets at one time, you also save yourself the hassle of having to line up at the ticket booth.

That’s not all! If you are a Cineplex Gift Card holder, you are entitled to get amazing discounts on food, drinks and movie merchandise as well. And another great thing about it? The Cineplex card is refillable, so you can add credit to it anytime.

My film buff friends and I all bought ourselves Cineplex cards last month so we can enjoy all these benefits. And I can tell you now, it is a purchase you won’t regret. We have not missed a single blockbuster hit. Plus, we feel like VIP every time we go to the cinema – we never have to line up and we get discount on food and drinks


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