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Home Security in the Movies!


Movies over the years have showcased a variety of ways you might be able to protect you and your family from various threats. However, it appears that none of these methods are as practical-or as desirable-as the bona fide home security systems available on the market today.

Perhaps the most famous movie dealing with home security was the 1990 film "Home Alone," featuring child star Macaulay Culkin in the role of Kevin, a child accidentally left in his home while the rest of his family is on Christmas vacation. Kevin constructs a variety of ingenious traps to outwit the burglars attempting to enter his home. He rigs paint cans and irons to swing through the air and hit the burglars in the head; leaves toy cars, sharp nails, and glass ornaments on the floor to trip up and stab them; and even attacks the burglars with an air rifle.

Of course, if the family in this movie had a modern home alarm system, there would not have been any need for Kevin to spend his Christmas constructing such elaborate traps. These systems can do the grunt work of protecting your home for you!

In 2002's "Panic Room," after intruders break into her new mansion, Jodie Foster's character spends almost all of the movie in a cutting-edge "panic room," a secure room outfitted with heavy metal doors and closed circuit video cameras. The intruders attempt to pipe gas into the room where the main character is hiding, and engage in a variety of other methods of subterfuge designed to drive her and her daughter into the open so they can steal the valuable items hidden inside the "panic room. " In the end, as in "Home Alone," the protagonist gives the criminals in the movie much more than they can handle by outwitting them at every turn!

With modern home alarms, however, there is no need to resort to such drastic (and expensive) measures as a multi-million dollar panic room. Security measures are available today to fit any budget and lifestyle!

Finally, when one thinks of the more extreme home security measures taken in the world of the movies, the "hideouts" or "lairs" of super-villains in Batman, Superman, or even James Bond films obviously come to mind. Located on far-flung islands, deep within city sewers, or in frozen tundra, criminal masterminds in these films need the utmost in privacy and security to camouflage and protect their diabolical schemes. Robot sentinels, armies of henchmen, and anti-gravity machines are just a few of the security measures that have sprung from the minds of Hollywood creative teams. It certainly does take a superhero to overcome that kind of high security!


Source by Laila Jefferson


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