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The word gymnasium comes from the Greek word meaning a place to be naked. It was used in ancient Greece to denote a place where young men were educated – including swimming and physical education, which was always done in a naked state. The Greeks considered physical education to be as important as cognitive studies. The importance they placed on sports eventually evolved into what we know today as the Olympic Games. The ancient Greeks clearly knew a thing or two, as it is now common knowledge that physical exercise should play an important part of our everyday lives. A good cardio-vascular workout is not only good for the heart, it creates wellbeing in the whole body; and is a great way to lose those extra pounds – another no-no according to modern medical advice. While the Greeks did all their physical training outside and naked, in today's world this is clearly not acceptable, so what about considering your own personalized home gym?

Home gyms mean two different products. One is a custom-built, usually large, all-in-one apparatus which requires quite a lot of room to be set up. They are generally referred to as multi-station home gyms. There are many companies around the world that produce this type of exercise machinery and you would have to do some research in order to find the one most suitable for your needs. These home gyms let you do the same quality of strength training and workouts as one would have at a professional gym; and each station may be used for several divers exercises. They offer the opportunity of doing different sets of exercises, and more than one person is able to use the equipment at one time. When choosing multi-station home gyms, look out for those with ARC (automatic resistance control) technology and have at least 150 pounds of weight, as well as a bench press; ab crunch, leg extension and curling, high and low pulley, and leg press stations. Home gyms with quality pulleys and cables, as well as weight racks other than bands or bows, are signs of superior quality.

The second type of home gym is an assemblage of lots of different equipment and machines, all purchased separately, but which basically end up doing exactly what the multi-station home gyms achieve. One would need a lot of space to accommodate all this paraphernalia and the overall cost of the individual units would most likely amount to more than if one was to purchase a multi-station home gym. For the minimum of outlay, the very basics one would have to buy would be a skipping rope, an exercise ball and a set of weights, together with a step bench. Without one's budget runs to a personal trainer, DVDs and / or videos are a necessity to show you exactly how to use the equipment, so as not to cause any muscular-skeletal damage. The next step up would include the purchase of exercise bikes, treadmills and weight benches.

The time has come for home gyms to be a natural part of everyone's everyday activities – you simply have to decide which of the two systems best suits you lifestyle and wallet, and then the fun can begin.


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