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Four Family Friendly Las Vegas Shows


When people plan a family trip, Las Vegas is not usually on anyone's short list. Its reputation alone has moms and dads in parental control mode in two seconds flat. For those who travel with babies, the list of fun places to go becomes even shorter – new parents know it it feels to see those signs that read "Please – No Children Under the Age of 5". If you are wondering about taking the family to the Las Vegas area, do not think in terms of babysitters just yet. Las Vegas can show the kids a good time, too, with no age restrictions and no limit on fun.

Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater
Any child who likes small animals will enjoy this unique blend of circus performance and pet tricks. Gregory Popovich was raised in a circus environment, juggling and working with animals, and eventually built a dynamic and entertaining show at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort. Even the domestic cats are trained to showcase their natural personalities. What happens behind the scenes is admirable, too: all the animals were adopted from shelters, and a portion of the show's profits go towards fundraising and community awareness programs for homeless animals.

Tournament of Kings
At the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, families can experience a medieval dinner and a jousting tournament in King Arthur's court. Kids will get a kick out of eating in the traditional style of the day, which did not use utensils. Adults will recognize elements of the legend of King Arthur, complete with knights, valiant rivalry, and the evil wizard, Mordred. Caution is recommended for people with respiratory disorders (due to the dust kicked up by the galloping horses), but for kids who love cheering for their favorite hero, this is the place to be.

Mystère (Cirque de Soleil)
The Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) is one of the world's most interesting acrobatic venues, with a style all its own. They have several different types of shows in Las Vegas, but this one is perfect for families. A welcome reprieve for children and teenagers who are tired of traveling, the bright colors and unique costumes will capture their attention and their imagination. The show, produced at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, features a variety of dancers, musicians, and acrobats – and of course, no circus would be complete without a clown. Be prepared to be amazed by the beauty and the mystery.

World's Greatest Magic Show
The Greek Isles Hotel and Casino is home to some incredible magicians and illusionists, all featured in one production. The big treat for parents is watching your youngger kids marvel at the unexplainable stunts, while listening to your older kids tell you exactly why nobody is fooling them in the least. Exotic animals put the finishing touch on a fascinating, diverse display of talent and style. Their acts may be magic, but the spectacle is no illusion.

Reserve tickets for these shows, and make them part of your family's Las Vegas itinerary, whether you're there on business or you're just exploring the area. People of all ages can come home from Las Vegas with a smile that says, "I can not describe it – you had to be there."


Source by Eric Devlin


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