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Eating Out On Road Trips | e-cinema.gr
Monday, April 22, 2024
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Eating Out On Road Trips


Going on a motorcycle road trip is one of the best things in life. It gives a freedom that a car does not give. There is a 360 degree view of the world, with the open road stretched out ahead. Another great part of a motorcycle road trip is trying out new places to eat.

If you are in Linden New Jersey a very popular place to eat at is the Bayway Diner. This place only has 9 seats and they serve 250 people a day. They are across the street from one of the largest refineries, so some come in and grab an egg and bacon sandwich and coffee to go. They serve big food on big plates. They actually have a monster burger that is two eight ounce patties with ham lettuce and tomato, and cheese and bacon can be added. The short order cook here serves up dishes that are not expected like Cajun grilled chicken marinated over night, served over tri-color pasta, or homemade from scratch Philly cheese steak.

There are lots of places that make and serve pancakes, but the Brownstone Diner and Pancake Factory in Jersey City, New Jersey is something special. They serve up pancakes thirty-one ways. This eating establishment has been a family tradition for more than forty years. The first generation came from Greece, and it continued on. Some of the pancakes they serve are the honky tonk and nut and honey and a strawberry short cake of sorts. The honky tonk has fresh crumbled bacon on one pancake and peanut butter chips on the other with fresh banana on top. The nut and honey has almond and walnuts sprinkled on before the pancake is flipped, and a swirl of honey topped with some powdered sugar. Then they do one with hot strawberry preserves on top, a bit of cold sour cream with fresh strawberries. Along with the pancakes they serve things like moussaka, because it is a pancake factory and a diner.

So while in New Jersey on a motorcycle road trip stop at at Bayway dinner and Brownstone Diner and Pancake factory and enjoy.


Source by Deborah L Moore


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