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Dernatinus The Philosopher Of Ancient Barbaria


“Dernatinus” is a Philosopher and a Warlord from North Africa from the south of the Roman region of Lucu. He was a soldier in the Roman army but soon rebelled against them and became a servant of the berberic cause and to defend the land of Barbaria. He was a philosopher since he was a young man. He went to Greece, studied philosophy and mathematics, and returned to find his spiritual friend Janayur Missing, and The Roman Empire assassinated all his comrades and looking for him. Also to kill him, then he turned from the great philosopher to the fierce warrior.

He was known for his extreme hostility to the priests and clergy, as well as his hatred of the temples and described them as “caves of demons”

He was the spiritual father of all the inhabitants of the area where he lived, until they later thought he was a Prophet from the Lord of Berber “IGUCH”.

Michelangelo Soderini said in his book ” Dernatinus traveled with his wife Masilia beyond the Sea of ” the Tomb of the sun (Atlantic)” and his book was found at the end of the seventeenth century in the south of America North.

Some sources say that he was the first one who called America that name ” Amurika”

(Amur: Land and Ika: a Roman formula for express a region)

Dernatinus spoke in his book about the ancient Berber civilization, which was more than 7000 years old, and how the Berbers contributed to science, philosophy, mathematics and astronomy, as well as being the first to mummify the dead and build shrines for the dead and pyramids before the Egyptians in 2000 years, he said that they invented writing before all civilizations, since the writing was initially drawings of people or tools to express certain things, and then evolved into other forms, also mentioned many strange and mysterious names of civilizations unknown in history, It is these civilizations that betrayed the berberian kingdom and conspired against it and destroyed it and obliterated its civilization.

Dernatinus talked about religious mythology, and said that man was an animal-like creature who ate and drank, but the Lord in his kingdom sent more than 600 souls inhabited these creatures that became after that known as humans.

“The day of the holy return”, in which all the souls of the 600 souls that came from the kingdom return to this world.

The Book of Dernatinus is a book rich in historical information ambiguous and reliable in the field of mythology.


Source by Romil Benjamin


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