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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Best Month to Have Your Greece Boat Charter


A common question we receive from our clients is "when is it best to have a yacht charter in Greece in term of weather?"

The best answer would be "weather can not really be predicted" … but generally speaking, the weather conditions in Greece during the spring and summer months have as follows:

Greece Boat Charter in May: This month is a good month for your Greece Boat Charter, with sunny days! It is a month that offers the possibility to the guests on board a yacht, to enjoy the sun, the sea and the beautiful scenery of the Greek islands. For the last 3-4 years, though we have had some chilly weather in May. Not as warm as the previous years. But still the visitors who came to Greece have had the chance to enjoy their holidays and have had some great fun while cruising. If you come from cold climates May is a super nice month. If you are used to having a very hot climate, then May is not as warm as June, July, and August and during the night you might need to wear your sweater to be comfortable. Do not be discouraged. If you want to charter in May you can easily be lucky and "strike" some super warm conditions. In a few words, this month is good to visit the islands, the weather can be from wonderful sunny days to super hot days …! Tomorrowmore, May is a quality month as the big crowds of tourists have not yet arrived …

Visit the Cyclades group of Islands, the Saronic Gulf islands, the Peloponnese peninsula, Crete.

Greece Boat Charter in June: A great month to visit the Greek islands and have your Greece Boat Charter. It is warm enough, the temperature is pleasant, the waters are warm and you will comfortably enjoy your swimming, suntanning, snorkeling and the yacht's water toys! A great month to visit the archaeological sites, to dine ashore at local restaurants, to walk and explore each island.

We usually recommend to our clients to organize their yacht charter in Greece during this month. Great destinations to visit: the Cyclades group of islands, the Saronic Gulf islands, the Sporades group of islands, the Dodecanese group of islands, Crete, Halkidiki, and the Ionian Sea islands.

Greece Boat Charter in July and August: These two months are the warmest months in the Mediterranean and more specifically in Greece. They are the most expensive months in the season. During July and August, we have the largest crowds of people that come to visit the amazing Greek islands, by boat. If you wish to charter a boat in Greece during July and August, you have to organize it much in advance.

Especially if your dates are fixed and not flexible. During August and July, the temperatures are very high and the sun is extremely hot. Avoid to charter the Cyclades, or at least be prepared to change your itinerary if "the Meltemi winds" kick in … You might go to the Cyclades … but just in case the weather is not good in the area, have always a second plan – charter itinerary. It is suggested that guests on board a Greece Boat Charter are flexible with their itinerary so they enjoy their charter to the outmost. The captain of the vessel, if the weather in the Aegean Sea is not favorable, will suggest some alternative routes for the safety of the passengers. You have to be open to new route suggestions. Best places to visit during these months: Ionian Sea islands, Saronic Gulf islands. Both destinations have a lot to offer to visitors. If you choose the Ionian Islands, allow 10-12 days for your yacht charter. Ionian Sea islands are worth visiting, but they are a bit further from Athens. If you choose these destinations you will enjoy visiting great picturesque small villas, arheological sites, you will see nice beaches and ports, a great nature and clear beautiful waters for nice anchors!

Greece Boat Charter in September: This month is the ideal month for a yacht charter in Greece. In September, the big crowds are gone … most probably the "Meltemis" are gone … and you are open to exploring any group of islands! The famous Cyclades with the "must see" islands Mykonos and Santorini, the beautiful Sporades islands also famous via the movie Mamma Mia, the Ionian islands with the famous shipwreck in Zakynthos, the island of Crete, the Dodecanese group of islands and Halkidiki and the Saronic group of islands. Anywhere you choose to go … is extremely beautiful! September is considered to be a quality month for your yacht charter in Greece ! We highly recommend this month for your Greek yacht charter!

Greece Boat Charter in October: October is a good month for chartering. It is suggested to visit the Greek islands up until the 15th of October, as at the end of October we have sudden changes in the weather and in the temperatures. If you charter a yacht during the first weeks of October is wonderful. Nice weather, sunny days, great water temperature. In 2015 the weather and water were perfect until the end of the month, but generally speaking if you go up until the middle of October, you are safe and you can 'hit' super nice weather. so it is more economic to have your yacht charter during this month. Visit any Greek destination during October: the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf islands, the Sporades group of islands, the Dodecanese group of islands, Crete, Halkidiki and the Ionian Sea islands.


Source by Christina Papadopoulos


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