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Aum – Primordial Sound of Creation and the Scriptures


Aum is the transmuting vibration which alone contains the transformative dynamic necessary for advancement out of, and beyond, basic human consciousness into Christ consciousness and on to Cosmic-consciousness. Aum, being the Primordial Sound of the universe, is the starting point through which human consciousness commences the transformative journey into Higher Consciousness; the gateway to Supreme Liberation into the eternal peace and joy we're each encoded to seeking and finding. When the conscious mind is calmed of agitating thoughts, that is Christ-nature accessed, thereby is our journey into Higher Spiritual Consciousness commenced: "be still and know that I (Higher Consciousness) am God" Psalm 46:10 – a stilled mind attuning with the Primordial frequency. Thus Aum is the sound vehicle, the mantra which settles the active mind into subtler and subtler states resulting in integration and purification of the lower egoic nature and into directly knowing our Higher Self. An integratory activity at subconscious level which neutralizes from bondage the generational soul-blocking thought patters, causal of perpetual suffering through spiritual ignorance.

Moving deer into Aum takes the mind beyond creation itself into the Transcendent, the vibrationaless state beyond the law of opposites, which fits perfectly with the Supreme Liberation referred in the Bhagavad-Gita Ch2-v45: "be without the three guns, O Arjuna" – freed from the law of opposites inherent in creation – "the three guns" which are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas represent the forces of nature which, in practical terms, are: Creation, Maintenance and Dissolution symbolized by AUM. In Hindu culture the 3-fold nature of God is referred to as: satchidananda. Sat: Absolute never-changing, beyond creation. Chid: ever-vibrating within creation or Christ-consciousness. Ananda: ever-new bliss.

Moving beyond ego-governance and human consciousness, vibrating Aum elevates the senses from conditioned or gross levels of sensory perception to a defect more refined spiritual cosmic level. Also, by lowering the respiratory rate to around 5/6 breaths per minute, and even lower, meditation reduces production of carbon dioxide in the body for elimination into the atmosphere, thus contributing to lower global warming by our low carbon footprint. Meditation also purifies the nervous system whereby the senses – which are duty-bound to serve the mind – become re-calibrated to serve in a multi-sensory capacity, thereby to serve spiritually. By purification is mean, mind / senses becoming free of automatic attraction to the material world for sense gratification only. To this end, any meditation which stills / calms the conscious mind and lowers the breath cycle, will lead to transcendence and sense purification.

In discussing meditation, we must not ignore transcendence as somehow not applying to the ordinary person, for it most certainly does apply. It is transcendence which takes the mind beyond Aum, beyond "the three guns", beyond human consciousness and the cycle of birth-death and rebirth – which "beyond" embryos eternal never-changing Pure Consciousness.

Let us now examine closely the following Scripture with regards to Aum.

"In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, And the Word was God" John 1: 1

In relating pragatively with the Word in John 1: 1, it enables fulfillment of our life-purpose – of going BEYOND human consciousness into Divine Consciousness. The most practical interpretation of this scripture therefore is how it brings "beyond" about. The vital questions in this context are: what is the Word which was "in the beginning" and "was with God" and "was God"? The arrangement of the sentence tempts into an obvious general translation but which interpretation really does not advance in any meaningful way, understanding leading to "beyond". Conversely, esoteric translation is referring to the inherent principle that, for any creation to take place, there must be Cause, which in this case is the Word, the eternal vibration Aum. "In the beginning" therefore translates: eternal ever-existing Cause. Thus the Word, which is Aum, is the Primordial sound of the universe; an invisible sonic-like vibration which pervades everything in existence – the universe and our physical bodies. Nothing came or comes into existence without the Word, without vibrational Aum, or Om. After regular practice, Aum is perceived within as expansionary, an all-pervading upward-flowing energy – a subtitle vibration of happiness or bliss. Aum is not simply a philosophical symbol but an actual means-tool for human transformation into divine nature. Thus Aum is the sound of the eternally vibrating universe while simultaneously lying "beyond" – of Transcendental nature or God – as in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost – three divine aspects of One Being.

Aum is un-stuck, meaning it is not produced by two things striking each other as is the case of relative sound.

Although humanly composed – almost substantially Poetry-like – in symbolized, abstract format, all sacred texts and languages, including the Bible and the Vades, are sourced through Aum consciousness or, the Holy Ghost. And while hugely beneficial of course, reading Scriptures alone is not really sufficient for direct Aum experiencing, so meditation is key. Scriptures puts it: "No man cometh to the Father (cosmic consciousnessness) except through Me (Christ consciousness") John 14: 6 – meaning, initial contact with Aum, which is God the Holy Ghost – the third person of the blessed trinity, is imperative. This is how, through meditation, the localized "I" progresses spiritually to become unbounded Higher Consciousness – the lower intellect becoming Transcendent-infused "I" – "I and the Father are one" John 10:30. Thus Aum is the crossover dynamic from human consciousness into Divine Consciousness.

Aum – Cause of Creation

Notwithstanding sourced through Aum, and the great, eternal wisdom of Scripture, the Word in John 1: 1 is not specifically referring to a collection of biblical God words as such -rather to the mechanism of Aum which activates the dormant force at the base of the spine. The Greek word for Word is Logos which has many definitions, one being: something that communicates, vibrates and reveals or, Cause. In spiritual / biblical context, we could refer to Word as Cause [of creation], the Christ within – the Atman or Soul. John 1: 1 therefore is referring specifically to the Original vibration which brought the whole phenomenal creation into being, with which we're each intended to commune in order to transcend this physical world.

Activating the Spinal Column

Ever-existing Aum is the Creator, Maintainer and Dissolver of all physical creation. Aum is the sound through which all matter comes into being, including our physical bodies. All of creation comes through Aum, a never-ceasing cosmic throb. In this context, we're each vibrating consciousness awaiting direct realization of Vibrational Silence beyond Aum, beyond matter, beyond creation into Higher Spirit-Consciousness.

Basically, it works something like this. At a certain point – some traditions say between 40-120 days after conception – the Aum vibration descends into the embryonic fetus in the womb to make the bodily parts – heart, lungs, spinal and so on. After completion, the vibration comes to rest at the base of the spell – known as involution. We must remember, that, for the soul to become physical, the universal vibration had to be lowered or stepped down dramatically to facilitate this human birth process. The Vibration, then, in all its pre-reduced Potential, remains inactive at the base of the spell until such time as we consciously acknowledge the spiritual awakening process, known as Ascension or evolution – the purpose of our earth journey.

Ascension of consciousness commences when the sleep life force at the base of the spinal reactivates through Aum. In Eastern yogic traditions, this force is known as kundalini. Through regular practice, kundalini rises back up the spine theby awakening the seven cosmic energy centers along the spine culminating in awakening the two energy centers in the brain, the Pineal and Pituitary glands. Such awakening qualifies the Scripture "Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit" John 15:26. In other words, the Holy Spirit / Ghost, which is Aum, is inherently in Aum at Descent and Ascension stages of the re-union with Higher Consciousness – God.

Paradigm Shift to All-knowing Intelligence – Divine Wisdom

Evolution globally is happening at a rapid pace. Having experienced Aum and kundalini rising, vast swedes of people are migrating from the impractical interpretations of literal scripts to esoteric or non-literal interpretation which offers so much more clarity and meaning. This paradigm shift is vital as we move from base camp of spiritual ignorance into Reality – into Summit Consciousness. In practicing Aum, or similar vibrational mantras, we're fulfilling the words of the Prophet Isaiah 40: 3 "make straight in the desert a highway for the Lord." By unblocking the spiritual channels we're entering the seventh heaven, opening the seventh seal (Rev: 8: 1) of the Pineal gland, thereby claiming our Divine inheritance: Promised Land Consciousness. We're also fulfilling God's command to Moses "Lift up They Rod" Exodus 14:16 – activate the spinal column and the seven energy certers, thereby preparing the consciousness for experiential Divine nature. Such blessed state brings with it a level of all-knowing intelligence, Divine Wisdom. meaning, availability of expanded cosmic consciousness at our conscious use of mind.

Aum and Total Brain Coherence

The first law of the universe is order. Therefore, as with the physical universe, the practical effect of Aum vibration on the physiology is right / left brain coherence – a cosmically functioning brain. Aum lowers the brain's oscillatory frequency from Bata frequency of around 14-50 cps, cycles per second, through Alpha of 7-14 cps to a Theta brain speed of between 4-7 cps – below Theta is Delta vibrating at between 1-3 cps which is closer to the vibration of a stone, but which some accomplishes yogis have attained. The higher the brain's oscillations the greater the anxiety levels. As with Alpha / Theta brain speed, Bata does not recognize "the now" or calmness. Theta frequency activates the kundalini up along the spinal column, which in turn activates the Pineal / Pituirary glands, including the five cosmic energy centers below the brain. This dynamic of low brain oscillation and harmonization, mirrors cosmic consciousness. On reaching this point of spiritual evolution we can say with certainty that we're re-connected and functioning through God-consciousness – the highest level of human evolution.

Although a core tenet of many religions, Aum and the above scripture, at its applicatory / experiential level, transcends religious dogmas and belief systems, respectfully. For, John 1: 1 contains the actual vibratory Word sound God as GAHHD. In essence Aum is our Savior – route of redemption – to becoming redeemed, quickened in Spirit; a God-given dynamic for inner Christ-realization; transformation from base metal into Gold: the Alchemy-force through which all creation originated, and, which creation is historically transported leading to Union with never-changing Cosmic-consciousness. Thus, vibrational Aum redeems from suffering – the plane of spiritual ignorance – into the realm of enlightenment and eternal contentment, peace and transcendental bliss.

Faith-Realization Through Aum

As Divine Potential, we're all endowed with the inner mechanisms for communicating and attaining Christ-consciousness leading to cosmic consciousness, which contact-nature embracees Total Faith. Faith is different from belief in that belief primarily consists of learned or inherited condition energy cycles, or subconscious responsive patterns which the sleep soul operates through automatically – bibly referred to as spiritual ignorance. In this context, our life can recur total unreality or illusion. To awaken from this Maya, illusion, Truth-Faith needs to become as active consciousness, the conscious mind needs contact with Present Moment Awareness, which initiates the all-embracing cosmic Silence which equates to direct Faith experiencing. Learned or imposed Faith is not sufficient. Repeating "I believe in God", over and over, while positive and sincere, originates from ego and does not establish actual Faith-consciousness, but rather a repetitive mental loop to appease ego. As was said, Faith is inherently present within Christ-consciousness and is COME UPON – exposed rather than imposed – through integration of fear-riddled generational conditioning. Faith-nature becomes established in consciousness through vibratory Aum – intuitiveness sourced through naturally-recording happiness and contentment. Once established, Faith can not be reversed or erased.

Of course this is not saying we abandon our traditions' beliefs or their core tenets. No, far from it. It's purely pointing to how the already present state can be realized without institutional programming. Faith intuits naturally that which we already are – Faith-endowed Spirit. The following Scripture highlights the need of Faith realization beautifully: "First seek ye the kingdom (vibrational Aum) and all else shall be unto the Christ or Higher-Consciousness realization" Matthew 6:33.

In conclusion let us look briefly at two similar scripts.

"in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" Genesis 1: 1

Here again "in the beginning" in not referring to the creation of the physical universe eons ago, and all that such mind-boggling detail objectives. In this context, we do not have to intellectually know all about the laws of nature, rather through Aum, we become attuned automatically with the innumerable laws of Nature, of Creation. Therefore, at practical level "in the beginning" is referring to the potential of new creation – transformation of consciousness. In other words, "in the beginning" is conscious familiarization with "God (Aum) created the heaven (bliss) and the earth (mind)" while in meditation.

"And the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us" John 1-14

This Scripture is referring to the creation and evolution of the physical body after Aum vibration entered the embryonic body soon after conception. "And dwelth among us" – meaning, all-pervading or universal consciousness within the Atom / Molecular / Cellular structure.

Esoteric Overview

When interpretations, such as the above three Scriptures are cognized esoterically, then literal interpretations become meaningless to an evolving brain and consciousness. The consequences of expansion of consciousness ensures no returning to primitive non-soul serving literal understanding. Meditation frees the mind of imposed limitations, of fictional mind-sets, making us free of illusory people, places and events and moving into full potential, full creative ability. Then do we prosper, not only spiritually, but on all levels of material life. Through Spirit Awareness do we see and live through authentic understanding as intended by the Aum-infected authors of Scriptures. What brings complete and final liberation from this ever-changing phenomenal existence into realization of our true manifesting potential is Realized Reality, Transcendental Silence. When Aum vibration is experienced and transcended, then is contact with the never-changing Absolute established. So do we see manifestation of our dreams simply an extension of innate Faith.


Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan


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