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Adventure and Activity in Paphos


There's a certain relaxed ambience to Paphos that combines well with the exciting experiences the area has to offer, such as sea kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and even skiing. With a wealth of history few places can match, Paphos is the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite, and the ancient influences can be still seen today. The area is covered in relics and artefacts from its Greek and Roman past.

Paphos is a city of two parts, with a newer more modern area completing the historical old town. Lower or Kato Paphos, located on the Mediterranean coast where most of the accommodation and archaeological sites are based. Ano or Upper Paphos sits back fro the coast and is the place to go for shopping, museums and some great authentic Cypriot cuisine.

Water sports are very popular on the beaches in and around Paphos, many of which hold blue flag status. There are packed beaches and quiet ones, each with their own merits, with Faro beach ideal for swimming and a more quiet time relaxing, while the stunning Coral Bay is a 12 kilometer stretch of activity-laden sea and sand where sunbathers and windsurfers spend their days in harmony, with space enough for all.

From pedaloes to windsurf equipment, Paphos beaches feature a range of outlets, while tours – especially by kayak – are highly recommended. Experiencing the Cyprus coast by paddle and boat probably the best way to appreciate the beauty of this part of Cyprus, with a range of coves and inlets to be explored. For those with no fear of heights a flight on a parasail gives a unique view of the Paphos area.

An authentic Mediterranean experience, sailing boats are part of the region's history. There are a few better ways to enjoy the clean sea breeze than to test your skills in a fast racing dinghy or a slower more traditional sail boat.

Coastal walking opportunities can also be found to the north of Paphos. Coastal walking is an increasingly popular activity in Paphos, and with a range of tours available, it offers visitors the opportunity to take a more informed view of the geology and history of the area. Beyond the beach there are a good deal of ruins and antiquities to explore, with the fine mosaics of Nea Paphos some of the best examples in the world. There are also more modern and manmade activities in the form of water parks, with a facility near Paphos featuring one of the longest raft rides found anywhere.

The Trodos Mountains are an area that many visitors fail to enjoy when they come to Paphos, but they present an opportunity not to be missed for the nature lover who enjoys walking on the forest. Over winter the area gets a good level of snowfall and visitors flock here for the great range of snow sports available. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing are all popular pastimes over the season. The great thing about holidays in Paphos during winter, is that you can quickly swap the slopes for the sand, where the milder temperatures at sea level mean you still still comfortably return to the beach and water for an excellent choice of activities.

Getting the Paphos is easy, with the airport just a short drive out of town, and regular flights to and from the UK. With luxury Paphos villas offering the perfect location to relax after a hard day's enjoyment, this perennially popular destination will surprise and delight visitors every time.


Source by Mark Bartley


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