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7 Reasons Why our Love of Theater will Never Die


Many of us are fascinated by theater and it's easy to see why because the whole experience can be such a memorable and touching event.

Perhaps for some theater is about the fun and excitement of a great musical, for others it's the intriguing story brought to life or simply a way to escape from it all? Whatever the reason, there is no denying theater has a place in many people's hearts, and here are 7 reasons why the love of theater will never die:

1. Watching a musical can be totally absorbing as you appreciate the skill and craft that goes into a mesmerizing production. The show stopping tunes seem to sink into your mind as your left with songs that you can sing for years to come or new dance moves you can try out with your friends.

2. There's something for everyone all year round as the appeal of the theater is diverse. It's a place where great stories are brought to life – whether it's through singing, dancing, riveting plot lines or fine acting delivered by a well rehearsed cast. With no one show being the same the chances are there is something unique being performed near you – whatever the time of year.

3. The 'Play' is an important part of our ancient history. From as far back as the ancient Greeks the play formed a key element of our community, from story telling through to providing an outlet for entertainment and escape. The 'Play' has always been a valued part of our culture.

4. Theater performances are great places to go with friends and family. You'll have fun enjoying the show and recount the scenes that moved you afterwards. You can chat about the actors you could not take your eyes off as well as spend countless hours singing back all your favorite tunes from musicals.

5. Theater is a great chance to see some of our favorite actors up close and in person. Having watched them for so many years from afar it can be a wonderful experience to take in a show and see your favorite stars take to the stage. From Richard Gere to Kim Basinger, from Sir Ian McKellan to Dame Judi Dench most great actors and actresses have graced the live stage.

6. It's a truly live experience. There is a charm and ambience that comes from a live performance in front of a live audience. This dynamic deliveries an almost electrifying presence that just is not possible in a cinema environment or on your wide screen TV at home [no matter how big it is].

7. Theater offers convenient performance times. If you're looking for an afternoon event, so you can go out in the evening, then you can catch a matinee. Or if you want to make the theater your main entertainment at night, then you can see the evening show. This flexibility means you can fit in a performance for when it suits you. This differs a lot from many other arts and music shows that offer only one performance time a day – usually in the evening.

With all this talk of the theater, many of us can recall a time when we picked up some last minute tickets with a friend, dashed to the venue and found ourselves watching from the 'Gods' in the back of the theater. Sure we still had a good time, but we could not help feeling "If only we had those seats over there …."

But what if it was possible to have tickets to some of the finest seats in the house, a mouth-watering dinner and sometimes stay overnight at a luxurious hotel?

Imagine how your close friend or partner would feel if this year on your anniversary or perhaps on their birthday they were given such a gift. A gift where they could have fabulous tickets to a West End show, paint the town red and an have a luxurious overnight stay at a first class hotel in the heart of a UK city.

Originally this may have been the pastime of the wealthy and affluent, however, these wonderful weekend escapes are now in reach of all of us for that special celebration. There are a range of theater break packages available where you can enjoy a night at a fabulous London theater at a show of your choice with two first rate seats plus an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel in either the West End of London or pick from a selection of other UK cities.

With all the appeal it has there is no doubt that our love for theater will never die. It offers so much, with such diversity. It's easy to see why it makes for such a great escape and a perfect gift for that someone special this year. So what are you waiting for?


Source by Janette Vince


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