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5 Stylish Reasons To Eat At Claridges


Claridges is a name that conjures up the vision of a quintessential England. 5 Star luxury in the heart of London for the rich and privileged. Fortunately the reality is far from that view. This wonderful establishment is within the reach of anyone and offers the chance of a once in a lifetime experience for 5 stylish and essential reasons.

1. Once In a Lifetime Chance

The chance to walk proudly into a 5 star luxury hotel with such a famous name and tradition. Claridges Hotel is more than just a landmark. It is a working trading hotel of luxury in the heart of Mayfair holding itself proud amidst its stylish and well attired surroundings. One hundred years of prestige, world famous cuisine and award-winning service.

2. The Style

The hotel is an Art Deco paradise. Its original features still remain, along with tasteful and appropriate re-modeling of some areas such as Gordon Ramsay Restaurant and the Claridges Bar. These were done by award winning designers such as Philip Despont.

Sit enjoy and soak up a timeless style icon of the western world

3. The Service

Claridges Hotel boosts proudly its award winning service. Every guest is treated the same – as perfectly as possible. Every review I have seen always talks of the wonderful service they got.

4. The Choice

The choice of amenities and facilities is very complete from 202 air-conditioned rooms, child care and beauty services, through to laundry service, health club, massage services and wedding services. The list is too long to put here.

This luxury hotel also boasts a total of 5 dining areas of various types – Gordon Ramsay At Claridges, The Reading Room, The Foyer, The Fumoir and Claridges Bar. From everything to the world famous Afternoon Teas to a full A La Carte menu, everything is covered.

5. The Price

So how much who you expect a 3 course set lunch to cost in the heart of London? My gut reaction would probably set it at £ 100 (c $ 165) and more. You tend to expect to may for style over substance usually. But no! How surprised I was when I looked this up.

If you take lunch at Claridges, more specifically lunch at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges, you will be surprised. At the time of writing this, a 3 course set lunch at this 5 star luxury hotel, in the up market Mayfair area, in a restaurant run by a Michelin starred famous TV chef is only £ 30 (c $ 45).

I almost fall off my chair. This is absolutely amazing value when you consider the circumstances. The reports and reviews I have seen also speak very favorably of the food as well.

I could go on for a long time about the fantastic time you will have at Claridges, but I had to limit it today to just 5 for you.


Source by Rachel Fenton


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