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2 For 1 Cinema Tickets Every Wednesday – Money Saving Expert


As the cost of cinema tickets rise so the price of taking your family to the cinema becomes more expensive and then there is the outrageous cost of 'popcorn'. Cinema tickets cost from £ 4.50 to £ 8 per person depending where you are in the country. With the advent of Sky TV and video rental shops most cinema pundits thought that trips to the cinema would have become less popular and very last century.

It was expected that the public would abandon the cinema and either wait for a movie to be released on Sky TV or at the video rental shops. This never happened we still go to the cinema in droves to see the latest releases. We enjoy the experience of an afternoon or an evening at the cinema with the expensive popcorn, the extra large coke and the mobile phones going off during the movie. The cinema experience has come of age with the large multi-complexes showing a host of different movies and some now offering restaurant and bar facilities as well. The cinema can be a really enjoyable night out for two or for the family.

For sometime now orange mobile, broadband, and landline customer have had access to 2 for1 cinema tickets nationwide every Wednesday. If you have an orange phone then all you need to do is call 241 from your Orange mobile. They will text you back your free ticket number to get your 2 for 1 promotion at the ticket office. Then you can go to Orange World, and select 'Film', followed by 'Orange Wednesday to find a film and the closest cinema to where you live.

Now for the loophole!
As with most offers it only takes time to find a loophole. They say that if you purchase a £ 1 pay-as-you-go Sim card from orange and you use it once every six months then you can use the Sim card to obtain your 2 for 1 cinema tickets. The frugal members of the public should go to the orange website where they must do a search for 'free-sim-card', then sign up and wait for your FREE Orange Pay as you go Sim card to arrive in the post with up to 1000 free texts a month and 1MB of free orange World access.

You will of course need to unlock your mobile phone so that it will accept your new orange sim card as well as your current service provider. Do a search in Google to find out how to unlock your mobile phone yourself for free or alternatively use a high street mobile repair shop to unlock your mobile. Unlocking your phone is not illegal! The Orange 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer will save you money every time you use it on any Wednesday in the year. You will experience some of the most modern multi-cinema complexes around today and you will enjoy watching the latest movies at half price.

Cineworld cinemas offer an unlimited Movie pass for the die hard movie goers for £ 11.99 and it offers you the experience of unlimited tears, horror, laughter, fears and movies on any day and at any time. I believe that it can be used with your 2 for 1 cinema code from orange so that you can take a partner in for free.


Source by Mark Aucamp


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